Yishun Town Secondary School

Project Homie


Uniformed Group: Girl Guides
By: Calista Sim Le Lin, Kwok Jia Yi Joey, Rachel Tee Sing Hui, Crystal Nio Jing Xuan, Marsya Quraisya Binti Mohamad Feroz, Zuhur Mohamad Nabil Baroudi, Thum Tien Xin Rei, Diesta Adrielle Bree Capuli, Siti Nur Arissa Binte Mohamed Ashek.

Theme: Neighbourliness

Our objective is to raise awareness on how people can be good neighbours to others. There have been incidents in the community, where neighbours are seen not getting along well with each other. As a result, they do not have a good relationship with each other. Through this online campaign, we hope that more people will be considerate and respectful to their neighbours and we hope to encourage people to have healthy relationships with their neighbours, for Singapore to be a more harmonious society. Our project idea is to raise awareness through the use of Instagram, to reach out to more teenagers. Teenagers are our target audience because we feel that we will be able to relate better with them as we ourselves are teeenagers as well, and thus be able to provide feasible actions for them to carry out to be good neighbours. We chose to use Instagram to promote neighbourliness as most teenagers use Instagram. We plan to post once weekly and our content mainly focuses on ways to improve relationships with our neighbours.