Swiss Cottage Secondary School

A Package of Kindness


Uniformed Group: NCC (Air) – Group A
Done by: Nur Rhian Dagatan Rosle, Saravana Kumar Nitin Shrinivasan, Rithik Sajith Puthenvilayil, Rajasekaran Kobika, Loh Yu Jie, Krithik Velan Jeyakumar, Tee Jin Lin Keith.

Theme: General Kindness

Earnest to care for the underprivileged families in Singapore, the cadets arranged a 4-week food donation booth. On Instagram, the cadets raised awareness of food wastage, encouraging their peers to donate any extra food to their booth. Finally, to ensure that the collected food reached the homes of the underprivileged families, the cadets collaborated with Food Bank SG and documented their food donation journey on Instagram.