Swiss Cottage Secondary School – A

Security Guards: Our Frontline Heroes

By: Ng Jing Qi, Zhuang Zixian, Arvin Thanabalasingam, Lee Xin Hui Richelle, Chen Yang, Ranjanaa Baskaran, Chang Jie Lun Jeff, Udata Shiva Sankalp, John Yong Haiwen, Christopher Alexander Tirtakusuma, Md Ricqy Alif Bin Abdullah

Theme: Appreciation 

Write-up: Encouraged to show appreciation to security personnel, the NCC cadets of Swiss Cottage Secondary interviewed the security guards in their school about their roles and the challenges they faced, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which brought about increased security measures. By rallying their schoolmates’ support to write thank you cards, the cadets distributed these cards as well as care packages to security guards in school and at neighbouring shopping malls, as a token of appreciation for their hard work and contributions. The cadets documented the project on their CCA’s Instagram page through a video and a series of posts, hoping that it would encourage individuals to cooperate with these unsung heroes who work hard to keep our community safe.