Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Cleaners: Behind The Scenes

“Even small actions like picking up litter or cleaning after ourselves play an important role.”

By: Ahmad Aqil Bin Muhammad Ridzwan, Arvin Lim Yi Chen, Soh Wei Jie, Muhammad Nazry Bin Rohaizad, Safoan Mahmud Abir, Dakshinamoorthi Thiyageswaran, Iftikhar Yuhan Bin Irzad Yuhanizan, Sheik Daiyan Bin Shaik Ahmed Rifaei, Eunice Ng, Cheah Kum Hoong, Gopinath Kavya, Chan Wei Lin

Understand the workload of the cleaners in their daily routine.

Many of the cleaners are aged; to help reduce their workload.

346 Bukit Batok Street 34.

Additional to physically cleaning the block, residents are encouraged to participate.

Door-to-door visits were conducted to share about the challenges faced by cleaners.