Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Kindness on the Move

“Kindness in itself does not have to be rewarded; intrinsically kindness is already a gift to the doer.”

By: Chen Wan Wen Jolene, Siti Sarah Bte Anhar, Erickin Guo Chen Xi, Syaida Adlina Bte Selamat, Melvin Chan Yi Lung, Thum Sau Kuan, Lau Yew Ching, Joel Ang Tze Jian, Qucinta Ardilah Bte Roslan, Alycia Ng Yan Zhi, Chia Yu Qi, Jaye Yeo.

Rekindle small acts of kindness on public transport and show appreciation to those who are gracious.

Believe that everyone can be kinder to one another while taking the public transport.

Swiss Cottage Secondary School (Open House)

Setting up a booth during their open house, the team gathered pledges and gave out button badges to those who supported their cause (to pass it to someone who did a kind deed).

A significant number of pledges from visitors, staff and students of the Swiss Cottage Secondary School were collected. Pledges include moving to the rear of the bus, giving up seats to those who need it more and sharing an umbrella with another person.