Soaring Eagles Air Scout Wing Squadron

Bringing Smiles to Migrant Workers

By: Tan Gim Yeong Gabriel Christopher, Aaron Ing Pak Kei, Darius Kam Hin Shing, Jonathan Tan Suun Eu, Olin Li Guang Carnohan, Soh Woon Kiat Patrick

Theme: Local-Foreigner Integration

Write-up: The scouts from the Soaring Eagles Air Scout Wing spread cheer to migrant workers at Marina South Pier and St. John’s Island by bringing them snacks from Starbucks, tapping on a partnership between Starbucks and It’s Raining Raincoats, an initiative that supports migrant worker welfare in Singapore. They also shared some home-baked items and interacted with the workers to understand more about their way of life and some of the challenges they face. By documenting this experience on the Soaring Eagles Scouts’ Instagram page, they hoped to promote empathy and respect towards migrant workers in Singapore.