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Raising Awareness for Waterways Watch Society

“They hope to inspire civic consciousness, and encourage more public participation for causes that matter to the community.”

By: Dhiren Sajjan, Soh Woon Hao, Kenneth, Bryan Ong Tien You, Chew Hong Joo, Matthew Chong Fan Hao, Greadon Tan Kok Wei, Lim Dylan, Kang Chun He Gabriel, Ong Chee Yang, Raphael, Jacob Ing Ka Lum

Raise awareness for the need of Singaporeans to work together to maintain the cleanliness of Singapore’s waterways, and remind the public of the role they can play in reducing pollution.

Wanted to clean up waterways and highlight the negative impacts littering brings about.

Kallang and Geylang River.

Partnered Waterways Watch Society and kayaked to clean up the river. Shared their journey on Facebook to engage members of the public, and also participated in the Clean & Green NDP duty to promote cleanliness.

With the information they shared, the team hoped that Singaporeans would not take the environment for granted, be considerate of their actions and be mindful of the impact they could have on others.