North Vista Secondary School

Kindness Block

“At times, kindness involves courage.”

By: Isaac Foo Yong Seng, Lin Shi Yao Angel, Muhd Danial Afiq B Fharick, Lai Yun Ling, Ong Yan Yi Zene, Wee Yong Yi Cherry, Koong Wei Jie

Improve the situation on the lack of good relations among neighbours who live within the same block.

Many of us now barely know our neighbours well compared to during the time when our parents lived in kampongs.

Sengkang Neighbourhood.

A carnival was organised for the residents, in which the main highlight was a kindness board for neighbours to write notes of encouragement and gratitude to each other. Games, food and beverages were also included.

Preparation for the carnival started 4 months in advance. The numbers of post-it notes on the board kept increasing, and the team was praised for their efforts, teamwork and sense of initiative.