New Town Secondary School

Pioneers of Care!

“Sometimes, a simple act of listening can go a long way to impact the lives of our elders in a positive light.”

By: Lee Wei Ling, Melissa, Kong Shi Ya, Celine Tay Ru Hui, Ram Shekar S/O Kuna Shekar, Lim Rong, Zachary Lim.

To be kind towards others and to show gratitude towards the pioneers of the nation.

Feel that more can be appreciative of elders; feel that those who are able and willing can do more to bring happiness to those who are less privileged.

Nursing Home

Conducted various activities at the nursing home, including a dialogue session, a short performance and interactive games.

The students from New Town Secondary School were divided into groups with different roles. The initiative was well received by the residents of the home, who enjoyed the company and were touched that there were people who were willing to listen to their stories.