Henderson Secondary School

Project Helping the Needy

“The team learned that they could help people by encouraging them, and just by donating a small item, they could improve the lives of the needy.”

By: Mandy Hong Jia Wen, Zoey Tan, Chung Pui Kuan Valencia, Goh Qing Hua, Leow Hwee Sin, Nadhirah Binte Ayub Khan, Raviprasad Deepika

Spread awareness on helping the needy and allow the public to appreciate the joy and satisfaction derived from helping others.

To get the community involved in helping underprivileged families.

Jalan Membina neighbourhood.

A charity drive was organised with the support of The Salvation Army and the National Environment Agency. Pamphlets were distributed to inform residents to prepare their pre-loved items in good condition.

The team walked along neighbourhood corridors and collected about 50 bags of useful items from the residents, with the majority being toys, books and clothes for needy children.