Gan Eng Seng School

The Road to Kindness

“It is important to educate members of the public about proper shared bike etiquette.”

By: Germaine Lee Chin Yee, Tan Jing Lin, Chloe, Kong Xing Ru, Rachel, You Zi Xin, Yee Zhi Xuan Maeve, Jeryl Khoo, Royce Wong Anrong, Lu Qianying Tracie, Dion Liong Wei Qi, Reon Tay Yu

Address the issues of irresponsible usage and indiscriminate parking by shared bikes users.

As a result of bike-sharing, many dockless bicycles are found obstructing pavements and inconveniencing other path users.

Tiong Bahru estate.

Physically shifted and parked stray, dockless bicycles and attached bookmarks onto them to advocate responsible usage by bike users. Campaigns were also launched on social media platforms to educate the public about bike-sharing etiquette.

Attempted to engage governmental agencies to suggest additional designated parking spaces. Multi-pronged approach resulted in more than 160 pledges from the public to return dockless bicycles to designated parking spaces.