Fuchun Secondary School

Embrace Potatoes


By: Oveyaa Rovinderan, Kirti Gurusamy Kaunder, Winx Wong, Gu Manting, Nur Darwisya Binte Suhaimi, S Ruthratharini, Shaheena Binte Mujibur Rahman, Jon Cyndi, Thangiah Shahana Mametis, Khuu Gia Linh, Zenia Ang Yao Xin, Nur Lydia Binte Sairi

Theme: Anti-Body Shaming

Write-up: Choosing to use a potato as a mascot, the Guides of Fuchun Secondary initiated an Instagram campaign to encourage body positivity among their online audience. They illustrated how humans, just like potatoes, come in different shapes and sizes, and they developed a story explaining why people should treat everyone kindly regardless of how they look. The creative graphics and use of captions to guide their followers through the mascot’s journey framed their efforts at addressing the issue of body-shaming.