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Interacting with Elderly at St. John's Centre

“We can bring joy to the elderly’s lives too.”

By: Ong Chong Hean, Isaac, Ethan Cheong Jiewen, Joel Koh Kai Xiang, Koh Wen Rei Ivan, Leong Jhun Kai, Mohshinul Arafin Khan Mahin, Nezhad Yusuf Bin Mohammed Feisal, J Harith Menon, Raja Sri Raam, Lai Guan Hoe

Provide an opportunity for the elderly and the community to interact.

Many expressed hopelessness because they believed their lives to have become meaningless.

St. John’s Centre

Encouraged the elderly to participate in the games and activities prepared.

Spent time with 45 elderlies to assuage feelings of desperation.